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Maintenance Technician (Full Time)

DATE: July 24, 2019

JOB TITLE: Maintenance Technician




Performs maintenance service and/or repairs in two or more areas of skills including but not limited to HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, machine servicing, and electrical repairs or installations for the properties maintained by Cornerstone. Estimate time and determines materials required to complete various projects.The Maintenance Technician will complete these repairs and preventative maintenance as required for the general upkeep of the properties of Cornerstone. Performs all work under the direct supervision of the Program Manager, and in accordance with established safety procedures.


Fundamental job duties regularly performed by an employee in the position.

80% Performs maintenance and repairs on a daily basis assigned by the Program Manager or other managerial staff. Assesses work orders and carries out the work, as appropriate, under the supervision of the Program Manager or Executive Director as assigned. Logs materials used for appropriate warehouse tracking. Estimates, tracks and documents time spent carrying out service and repairs.    

20% Resolves routine questions and problems in consultation with Program Manager. Issues outside of normal daily duties and functions are referred to the Program Manager and Executive Director for review and resolution.    Perform other duties as assigned

MINIMUM EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: (State the minimum education, knowledge and/or work experience required to effectively perform the job.)

High school diploma or equivalent plus 6 months experience in property maintenance or a related area required.

PREFERRED EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: (List any additional or desired education and/or experience that would enhance the capability of any employee to effectively perform the job.)

Education demonstrating knowledge of one or more areas of maintenance service or repair, including plumbing, carpentry, machine servicing and electrical. Experience providing maintenance and repairs to rehab quality properties.


Excellent communication skills both oral and written are required for this role. Interpersonal skills to maintain a positive and professional relationship with families and staff of Cornerstone. It is crucial to maintain a positive a positive relationship with the customer service staff so that families may be serviced appropriately and in a timely manner. Applies basic skills and may develop advanced skills using tools and equipment appropriate for the position.

REQUIRED LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION/REGISTRATION: (licensing, certification or registration required to successfully complete the essential duties of the job)

     HVAC certification is required. Construction experience is highly preferred.

The Maintenance Technician will take direction from the Maintenance Supervisor (Program Manager) but will be expected to execute and complete the required repair or maintenance action to completion. The consequence for an incomplete or improperly completed repair or work item could cause a serious issue for the families and Cornerstone. The maintenance Technician must use good judgment and be conscientious about the service calls and repairs undertaken in this position.

FINANCIAL / OPERATIONAL IMPACT: (Describe any significant financial responsibilities for which the position is held accountable. This includes work related to departmental and other budgets, revenues, contracts and grants.)

The Maintenance Technician is required to ensure parts and materials are recorded and tracked properly for inventory and parts usage. At times, outside contractors may be hired to complete repairs outside of the scope/ability of the Maintenance Technician.


Internal: (Describe the nature, purpose, and frequency of typical contacts within the Cornerstone.)

Joshua Johnson, 314-726-2273,

External: (Describe the nature, purpose, and frequency of typical contacts outside Cornerstone.)   

Families (Residents) of the properties and contractors.


Given: (List the number and level of employees this position supervises both directly and indirectly through other employees)


Received: (Describe the frequency and types of interaction between the employee and the supervisor.)

Supervision is given to the Maintenance Technician by Maintenance Supervisor (Program Manager). The Maintenance Technician will occasionally work with oversight by and at the direction of a Maintenance Supervisor (Program Manager). The Maintenance Technician works under the direct supervision and follows standard procedures and written instructions to accomplish assigned tasks.    


Does this position have regular exposure to confidential information? (If yes, describe the nature of the materials and specify if patient information is involved))

Maintenance technicians have access to the homes and personal property of tenants (families). Keys are obtained from, and the usage is logged by Cornerstone. Keys are assigned and required to be returned at the end of the day.

WORKING CONDITIONS / EQUIPMENT: Describe any special working conditions or physical demands of the job (this may include exposure to loud noise, chemicals, radioactive material; any lifting required and approximate weight and frequency; ability to work on call; any heavy equipment used; ability to travel to on- and off-campus locations, etc).

Ability to lift 50-75 pounds; exposure to the elements of weather. Provide on-call support. Provide own basic hand tools and personal vehicle for transport between properties. Valid driver’s license and appropriate vehicle insurance are required.