To learn more about Cornerstone's history from founder Gordon Carlson click on photo above.

To learn more about Cornerstone's history from founder Gordon Carlson click on photo above.

Cornerstone began in 1976 when 70 families and individuals from a local church decided to move into a blighted neighborhood to become neighbors to the neighborhoods families and act as a stabilizing influence in the area.  

Cornerstone Corporation currently manages 11 residential properties, which provide 40 units of affordable housing to families in need.

In addition to offering affordable housing, Cornerstone helps families access financial literacy, employment and life skills development services. 

Cornerstone is an Institutional member of the Community Builder’s Network.

Our Mission

For the glory of God, we rebuild the West End community one block—and one life—at a time. 

We do this for and with

  • tenants, by providing supportive affordable rental housing with personalized management;

  • neighbors, by collaborating with other organizations to be a catalyst for thriving communities;

  • neighborhoods, by restoring and maintaining properties that could otherwise become blighted;

  • volunteers, by providing opportunities for joyful service in grace and in truth.


Keaira Anderson, Executive Director

Keaira Anderson, Executive Director

Keaira Anderson joined Cornerstone in 2016.

Mrs. Anderson is the first Cornerstone Executive Director to possess a Master’s in Social Work, providing her with a comprehensive picture of the needs of emerging communities. Mrs. Anderson has professional experience in housing and public education. She has served marginalized communities in San Jose, CA, Kansas City, MO, East St. Louis, Illinois and the City of St. Louis. Mrs. Anderson was born at Regional Hospital/St. Luke’s (future site of Delmar DivINe development), and is a West End resident, where she is a mentor and tutor to children in need.

  • Master's of Social Work, 2015

  • Real Estate License, 2017

  • Co-Leader of the Organizational Capacity Building Committee at Community Builders Network (CBN), 2016

  • St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative Fellow, St. Louis Regional Chamber, 2016

  • "Black Leaders Advancing Community Change" Professional Development Participant, 2016-2017

Board Of Directors

Members pictured left to right.

Jeremy Moore, Board Pres. Maurice Allen, VP Lisa Potts, Treena Thomposn

Our Financials

Cornerstone takes its stewardship of financial resources seriously. All resources and donations are allocated exclusively to  our mission.  

To learn how funding is used or to request a copy of our bylaws and policies regarding financial security, contact us today.